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Let's Get Personal - Igniting Email Engagement With Personalization

Date: May 6, 2015
Time: 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT

When it comes to making your email program a success, personalization is critical. From welcome to win-back, gathering and segmenting explicit and implicit consumer data is key to engagement and conversions. By honing in on this granular data (e.g. birthdays, gender, and geographic region) you can ensure you are armed with more than enough information to create winning email personalization campaigns.

Chris Frasier, Sr. Director Strategic Services & Client Success, BlueHornet
Emily Alford, Reporter, ClickZ

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Panel discussion will cover:

  • Starting the relationship off right - growing and retaining your reach by tailoring email subscription preference centers
  • Getting them at "Hello" - the art of a well-crafted welcome message
  • Best practices for sending messages after site/cart abandonment
  • The friendly reminder - tactics for securing repeat purchases based off of product lifecycle/replenishment and customer order history
  • From Clicks to Conversions - metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your email campaign
  • Looking out to the Horizon - the effect of real time segmentation and contextual marketing on the future of email personalization
Let's Get Personal - Igniting Email Engagement With Personalization

Sponsored by Blue Hornet.


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